Clive Sutton have been importing, restoring and rebuilding American cars for over 25 years.

From new cars to classics, from stock to custom we are one of the most experience businesses in the UK catering for all aspects of American cars. The Mustang has always featured strongly in our activities both with new cars and classics.

Within the classic Mustang world there has naturally been much interest in the film Mustangs. Most notable have been the Highland Green GT390 from 1968 driven by Steve McQueen in “Bullitt” and more recently the Pepper Grey Shelby GT500 driven by Nicholas Cage in the 2002 remake of the “Gone in 60 seconds”. This restyled Shelby GT500 in metallic Grey marked one of the first times a car had a starring role in a film. The recreation, restoration and “continuance “business of rebuilding the Shelby GT500 “Eleanor” has been active and with varying degrees of quality and provenance.

We offer some of the finest remanufactured Shelby GT500CS Mustangs available.



Originally “Shelby American” licenced the brand on “continuation GT500s “. These were companies which bought tired 1967/68 Mustangs and essentially rebuilt them with new panels and parts including the body styling package from the 2002 design from the film. We have worked with some of these companies but as we learnt the hard way the level of quality available has not been what we would expect.

For the past few years, we have been project managing our own builds and producing some vehicles that are beautifully remanufactured. We have incorporated a number of modern mechanical upgrades and are also able to offer cars in both Left and Right Hand Drive.

You can choose from exact replicas of the film car in Pepper grey with a black racing stripe or your own personal colour combination. We offer either a rebuilt car from an original 1967/68 chassis or a completely new chassis. Some customers want the rebuild rest mods because they have a title and ultimately it is still a classic car. Others take the new chassis for speed of construction as these take 3 months less to build.

To make life simple we offer 3 main specifications with a small selection of options:

1. 347 cu in 5.7 litre V8 motor with carburettors, manual 5 speed, power steering, Standard front and rear suspension, choice of 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto, 11” front and rear brake discs with period correct new vinyl interior, manual windows, classic looking radio/Bluetooth unit, Full GT500 Eleanor body kit. Air conditioning. LHD or RHD

2. Stage 1 Upgrade pack adds 427 cu in 7.0 litre V8 motor with Fuel injection, independent front suspension, 13” front and rear discs with 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calliper; leather seats and stainless steel door inserts.

3. As Stage 2 plus 8 stack “Inglese “racing fuel injection, front and rear coil over suspension, custom interior leather dash, console and Scat Seats.

We can offer a small selection of further options to add further useful modern features such as electric windows, central locking; Hifi upgrades, reversing camera, and further suspension and lighting option.

Whether you want to keep to exact Shelby GT500 colours and badging or if you want to have your own custom choices we can deliver a beautifully remanufactured 67/68 Shelby GT500 that you can drive with the confidence that unlike an original 1960s vehicle this will be more predictable in handling, cornering and braking and give you the confidence to drive it regularly and admire it as a usable classic. If your interest is in other derivatives of 1960s Mustangs we can obviously help too.

We have supplied Shelby GT500CS Eleanors to customers around the world. We have repaired and restored some customers existing Mustangs. Talk to our team about building your dream GT500CS.




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