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Sutton Bespoke have been providing car modification services for luxury cars for over 30 years.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge increase in the number of car modifications that have become available for a motorist – we know because we have been in this space for over 30 years carrying out a variety of bespoke works to vehicles. From genuine coachbuilding projects like stretching cars, wheel upgrades or even restoring your classic vehicle to modern day style. We custom build packages to our client’s unique specification to a small limited series of upgraded versions of current models. This is Automotive couture.

coachbuilding | car modification


We have a wealth of experience with various coach building projects ranging from stretching cars to provide more rear legroom, creating 6-door versions of Maybach, Mercedes Benz S Class and Range Rovers and converting American cars from left to right-hand drive.

Mustang Car Restoration | Car Modification
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Our network of specialists for body, paint, trim and mechanical is extensive and global. We have managed projects in the USA, Asia, and the UK. We know the right people for specific brands and period of vehicles.

Mustang GT Custom Boot Lid with Integrated Spoiler | Car Modification
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We offer a variety of entertainment and lighting upgrades from additional triple LED light panels installation to the front headlight, LED Front fog lights replacing OEM yellow lights and under body glow lighting with a variety of colour choices available. We also install In-car TV and media screens, rear camera with monitor vision and in-car sound systems.

Wheel & Tyres | Car Modification
Wheels / Tyres


We offer a wide range of car exterior styling upgrades for your vehicle. Wheels/tyres; from custom split rim forged wheels of unique size, offset and material to simple refinishing OEM wheels in custom finishes either by paint of powder coating.


We have provided classic car modification services for most vehicles from 1950 to the present day. We specialise in Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and American cars. Whether you are contemplating buying a project or looking to us to source you a car for restoration, please contact us directly for friendly advice as to what we can do to assist you with classic cars.



“At the heart of the Sutton Bespoke philosophy is the uncompromising quest for perfection.” Clive Sutton, Chairman. Sutton Bespoke is the specialist arm of the long established Clive Sutton located in St John’s Wood, London.

Top Performance Cars

Utilizing, supercharging, turbocharging, engine tuning and upgrades – Sutton Bespoke unleashes extra performance.

Automotive Couture

Sutton bespoke is a classic car workshop in London that enables discerning motorists to perform and enhance their vehicles to the next level.

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