CS700 Power Package

CS700 Power Pack

  • Whipple Supercharger Stage 1 (Up to 725Hp)
  • X pipe for Quad or Single Exhaust (5.0L V8 Only)
  • Sutton Quad Exhaust (Active)
    Upgrade options available
  • Rear Valance for Quad System
  • 12mth warranty, installation and tuning set up with first tune configuration
  • Pricing includes VAT and fitting


Power Package includes: Supercharger, Inter-cooler, Quad Exhaust, Active Exhaust system, Rear Valance and CS700 Custom Circular badging with interior plaque.


This gives each intake cycle of the engine more oxygen, letting it burn more fuel and do more work, thus increasing power.


An intercooler cools the air compressed by the turbo/supercharger, reducing its temperature and thereby increasing the density of the air supplied to the engine.

Quad Exhaust and Active Exhaust System

Our Active Exhaust system features 4 modes: Touring, Sport, Track and Custom.

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