Classic Car Restoration


Sutton Bespoke has provided  classic car restoration services for most vehicles from 1950 to the present day. We specialise in Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and American cars. Whether you are contemplating buying a project or looking to us to source you a car for restoration, please contact us directly for friendly advice as to what we can do to assist you with classic cars.

Our network of specialists for body, paint, trim and mechanical is extensive and global. We have managed projects in the USA, Asia, and the UK. We know the right people for specific brands and period of vehicles.

Restoring, servicing and repairs from your Mustang

We offer a range of services from a full restoration, routine servicing and custom upgrades. We also offer a pre purchase appraisal and inspection service. Here is an example of a recent restoration project we undertook for a client from Monaco. He had bought a 1967 Shelby GT500 which proved to have a number of horror stories underneath. Although with a recent engine the car had a rear axle that was not in the correct location leaving the offside rear wheel nearer to the front of the wheel arch than the near side. The clutch was virtually unusable and various attempts made by local companies could not even begin to start to sort the vehicle out. We, therefore, shipped it to the UK.

A recent client from Monaco sent his 1967 Shelby GT500 to us in the UK and we carried out a major reconstruction and rebuild. Se here some of the pictures and details of that job.


Where we found the following key issues:

1) There rear boot and seat floor was partially crushed as a result or a large rear impact , the bonnet , boot lid and rear bumper was fibre glass, poorly fitting and made to resemble the original custom parts of the Eleanor.
2) The rear suspension was upgraded but incorrectly fitted and needed replacing
3) The clutch and brakes were worn.
4) The wiring was poorly patched in various places.
5) Many oil leaks
6) Potentially fatal Nitrous Oxide install. Would have caused an explosion if activated

We stripped this car down to virtually a shell. Removed the fuel tank and cut away all of the rear floor and rear suspension. We renewed the entire rear floor from the rear wheels backwards. Aligned the chassis and made from metal the custom boot lid and bonnet extensions and scoops. Then the layers of black paint applied at different times in this sad GT500’s life were stripped away back to metal and prepared the body for priming and repainting in DuPont Pepper Grey with the black racing stripes.

We renewed the rear screen, all screen and door shut rubbers and mouldings. Cut away the defunct internal roll bar and built into the floor under the seats new active sub woofers and multi speaker HIFI system. We fitted blue ambient interior lighting, installed central door locking and upgraded the headlamps to HID.

Under the hood we retrofitted Air conditioning and re installed the Nitrous Oxide system to enable a safer deployment. We set up the suspension and carburettors and finally this car was transformed and flow back to the very happy owner.

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