Bespoke Car Wrapping London

Car Wrapping LondonWe can completely change the appearance of your current car with a wide range of colours and shades. We can even create a bespoke design with high-impact visuals for our more daring, fun-loving clients, just to meet your personal choice.


There is no risk to the existing paintwork beneath, and it actually protects the paintwork it covers. Unlike ‘major surgery’, this is completely reversible and indeed changeable should you later desire another new look.

The Full Body Wrap costs from £2500 to £5000 plus VAT and comes in a choice of many colours, patterns and textures. You can choose high gloss , satin or matt finishes. We can take the wrap into the door and boot shuts to provide a factory finish. Also we can use the wrap process.


With the latest 3M materials, we can change the chrome to black or other colours giving your vehicle a more contemporary look. Ask for further details.

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